Members of the Massachusetts Dental Society establish the Boston Dental College to provide strong scientific and medical education for aspiring dentists. Responding to new regulations and higher professional standards, the institution helps raise expectations for professional dental education throughout New England.


Following the recent merger of the Boston Dental College and Tufts College, the newly formed Tufts College School of Dentistry refines and enhances its curriculum as it strives to train the best dentists in the United States. Meanwhile, the program expands its work in community and public health as it builds a rigorous new research program.


Building on the foundation laid by several administrators in the 1930s and 1940s, the School of Dental Medicine expands its research program. Faculty, students, and alumni conduct studies that help revolutionize preventative and reconstructive oral care. Their achievements reverberate throughout the profession and improve care in clinics everywhere.


After more than a decade of saving, planning, and construction, the School of Dental Medicine moves into its new home at One Kneeland Street in the Chinatown district of Boston. The move marks the beginning of a new chapter in the institution’s history, one defined by greater social awareness and a continued commitment to research and clinical excellence.


The School of Dental Medicine adds five floors to its headquarters at One Kneeland Street and continues extending its outreach and alumni networks to communities around the world. Together, these developments ensure that the program will continue to rank among the most prestigious in the world.